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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."





Watch video!


Watch video!




STICKY POST! For the owner of the old Mike South website

This is a sticky post that will stay at the top so look for new post under this one! Ok if you are wondering why this site is here and why we are restoring deleted post its because you don’t get the pleasure to delete a few people and slander and libel the rest of the porn industry with Loser South’s old post. YOU FUCKED UP!

Please Post to Front Page NOW

This site will big bigger and have more traffic AND POST than Mike’s old site ever had and if you believe it or not we really dont care. It will take some time but will happen. Just look at adultfyi.com and pornwikileaks sending us traffic like crazy from the tops of their front pages and all the editors we are gaining posting here. When we find out who you are we are going to come after you and your company VERY HARD whoever you are and it will cost you big time.

You have one choice and only one choice for post to be removed from this site and that is to take down Mike’s old site and redirect the whole website here. When this is done we will pull all old blogs about you that we have restored and turn this website into a anti bulling website directed at exposing bullies in the business like Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers.

You dont get to have your cake and eat it to even if you are Brazzers or Manwin or Mindgeek Or Sean TFPWL or some other big company or whoever.

Yours Truly, Porn Anonymous

Eddie Dzial reportedly HIV+ Who’s next to be outed?

Word out of Pornwikileaks tonight is that Edward Bernard Prydzial, the disgruntled ex-porn performer that performed under the name Eddie Dzial, is HIV+ and banned from ever appearing on a porn set ever again.


Mr. Prydzial is one of several failed performers that teamed up to libel and slander Donny Long and Heather Deep and publish lies that they were HIV+ but after the couple took HIV tests in Miami last week and passed with flying colors and posted the results via the internet, these characters have tried to silence Donny and Heather’s social media accounts as now the spotlight shifts to them and their own sexual health. Monica Foster is another porn failure that worked with Eddie against Donny and Heather and she has withheld her HIV status. We suspect she is positive but in order to avoid being accused of libel we are not going on record with this. Call it a hunch.


Homosexual CRACKHEAD PORN FAILURE Jason Quinlan aka XXXJAY takes it up the butt from Homosexual meth addict Eddie Dzial

This was posted on pornwikileaks.com but I wanted to add that Jason is also one of the homosexuals that tested positive for HIV and had caused a industry shutdown with his boyfriend Eddie Dzial! Yea these are the kinds of scumbags that support check taking hooker Monica that lives at 623 Nw 47 Terrace, DEERFIELD BEACH, FL

Homosexual meth addict Jason Quinlan aka XXXJAY takes it up the butt from Homosexual meth addict Eddie Dzial.Before I start writing about these two scumbag piece of shit dog shits of the earth I want you to first to look at pictures of these two druggy homosexual scum. They are also now both Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers cheerleaders and her failed piece of shit mother Joan Rucker Mayers. You know the faghag hookers from Deerfield Beach Florida.

Jason Quinlan:

Now for Homo Eddie:

Ok now why is it every time someone goes on attack on Donny Long it is always some homosexual or faghag gay mafia that flunked out of porn and is no longer in the industry thats bitter and failed? Why is it you can always look at a picture of them and not only know there life story but know why they failed? Never see anyone successful ever attacking God Long. Wonder why!

See Jason is a failed suitcase pimp wanna be a agent that use to recruit faghags and fags for OC Modeling that got run out of Fagafornia after he was fired for fucking his boyfriend Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial in the office. This guy was even banned from his own group, the gay mafia! yea the GFY board.

This guy is fail with a capital F.

He is photoshopping Donny in gay porn and making hate speech videos and blogs about Donny full of lies like this all has not been tried before hahahaha. These two homos are two of the latest morons to become Monicas cheerleader and kick themselves. We have tons more to post about these two so stay tuned. If you would like to post some please write them up and send them in through our home page.

Donny Long/Heather Deep Miami appearance causes many to blow their tops!

Well Donny Long and Heather Deep‘s social media accounts are under fire now as they have had several suspended or erased outright this week after they released many SHOCKING videos of their Miami, Florida adventures including clean HIV tests which is something their foes are incapable of. Even our sister site AdultFYI.com seems to be having troubles (DDOS, etc) after several articles that discussed this very issue.

The USA visit of the couple caused quite a stir and put to rest the LIES that they are HIV+ or wanted by the FBI. Simply an untrue narrative that has now been debunked. And now the Gay Mafia tries to silence these two in typical leftist fashion.

The question becomes, how many of these offenders are HIV+ themselves and on meds? And even if HIV-, where is their test? What other STDs may they be positive for? Obviously some jealousy going on here as these two have their health, money and the freedom to travel.

Jessica Jaymes gets shit beaten out of her?

Seems like Jessica Jaymes was punched in the eye but she tells a very different story. As we know, all whores lie so who knows what happened.

Famous Don’s Mobile Marine DESTROYED by Katrina in 2005, now it’s Ivan Mayers turn to pay the fiddler!

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed the famous and lucrative Don’s Mobile Marine in South Florida. However, this turn of events set into motion the legendary porn career of Donny Long, who is still shooting porn for his web sites to this day in various locations around the world. Now the day of reckoning has come for Ivan Mayers, gay father of angry failed XXX performer Alexandra Mayers whore name Monica Foster. Hurricane Harvey has taken aim on Ivan’s hometown of Houston, Texas and is said to be worse than Katrina. Whatever happens, nothing can destroy this man’s life like he destroyed the lives of the three women he abandoned in 1993 when he came out of the closet.


KENI STYLES: Nomad Living: Europe Backpacking Adventures

Daaaaaaaammmmmmmn! Monica Foster ripped a new asshole on Twitter on Wednesday evening

We said the Monica Foster pieces may be coming to an end. We said we were getting tired of kicking this piece of shit and that she couldn’t get any more pathetic. And then Wednesday night happened. On Wednesday evening, Twitter user tore Foster a new asshole in a number of truthful and humorous tweets. Of course, Monica Foster is a coward and blocks everyone with a different viewpoint and has long since blocked @GewchiWings but guess what? That’s what sites like this are for and we will be posting the shocking tweets below. The Foster articles will continue indefinitely!

Over the course of a couple of hours, @GewchiWings along with Tristan Stadtmuller had a field day with Foster’s failed porn career, mental illness, offensive body odor among other amusing topics. A fun time was had by all!

@GewchiWings I can’t consider her black, she’s too disgraceful. She’s “Other”, “UNKNOWN GMO”, FAILED LAB EXPERIMENT, WILDERBEAST LOL…anything but black

@GewchiWings Plus word is she has a very unpleasant vaginal smell which is a DEFINITE NO in porn. Ugly, smelly, homeless and psycho. That’s a bad combo

@GewchiWings Right, doesn’t matter your race..what matters is that FACE..something she’s severely challenged in..doubled with the PSYCHOSIS, she’s OUT!

@GewchiWings What’s her race?! Barbaric Bimbo? Crack filled black? Hideous beast?! Lol she’s mad she can’t get a man unless he has on beer goggles LMAO

@GewchiWings I want to make a Foster porn REACTION video…i bet everyone’s reaction will be profuse projectile vomit and gouging of the eyes!! SHE SUCKS

@GewchiWings Lmao she blames her mom for her mental instability? Maybe it was her dad’s defective sperm..mad cow disease from swallowing too many loads

@GewchiWings Easy lay that isn’t worth PISS. Even “free” is too much to pay for that walking biohazard. She looks like her breath stinks like old spit

@GewchiWings She will never make sense or money. She bashes everything she personally desires. I’ve wasted 2much energy on her. She should feel blessed

Jobless loser Monica Foster spends ALL DAY Tuesday Tweeting nonsense

One more productive day for Monica Foster on this Tuesday. She spent her day – ALL OF IT – Tweeting more garbage about white supremacy, angry white men and for laughs claimed everyone talking about her have no jobs or money. Not sure of her source but it isn’t likely any of her foes have 12 hours a day to Tweet crap from the safety of their mother’s house while not having to worry about paying for rent, food, health care, auto payment or insurance. She does have that luxury.

As for financials, not sure any of her foes are $150,000+ in debt unless you count their mortgages and when those payments end, they will own the home. What will she have after she pays her huge bill? JACK. FUCKING. SHIT. She hasn’t even learned to shut the fuck up about Marc Randazza and we have a feeling he is keeping a watchful eye on her and will eventually get her ass tossed into jail where she can rot. Should be fun to continue watching herself Tweet herself right into the clink.


Acid attacks on the rise, disgusting hooker Monica Foster made threats

Awhile back, Monica Foster made threats to attack her foes with acid in Los Angeles. We all know she is a coward that would never make good on this and is quite frankly too stupid to know what type of acid to use. However, acid attacks are real and are on the rise especially in the UK. Offenders are getting some serious prison time for carrying out their attacks. We hope she tries it, gets the acid thrown back in her face AND gets her little black ass tossed into prison until the end of her days.

Alexandra Mayers: “My family has been stalked by Donny Long for SEVEN YEARS!”

Well, she’s at it again. Lifelong victim Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers is making outrageous claims that her family has been “stalked” for seven years by XXX performer Donny Long. This is not accurate. She has libeled and slandered Long for that many years and he has hit back. It’s just that simple. What comes around goes around. She’s in a fantasy land if she thinks people won’t return the favor when she dishes it out. What a huge sense of entitlement.

Donny is a Cuban-American and she, being ALL about race, has noted this on many occasions WHILE also calling him a nazi and a white supremacist. But wait, if he isn’t white how can he be all those things? Donny isn’t even married to a white woman and has a long history of dating and marrying outside his race and obviously with non white wives, his children are mixed. None of what she says makes one lick of sense. There is nothing white OR racist about Donny.

Quite frankly, her folks aren’t victims except from her. She freeloads off her aging mother to this day Poor woman can’t even have a proper retirement with her kid sponging off her and giving out her home address. No one in porn cares about her family so for her to make them out to be black victims is just a load of shit. No one held them down. They were both in white collar professions. She plays the victim card because her life failed. This gets old. Get over it, grandma. You sucked at sex and whoring yourself out and there’s nothing else to it. You are no victim and neither are your wealthy black parents.