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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."


STICKY POST! For the owner of the old Mike South website

This is a sticky post that will stay at the top so look for new post under this one! Ok if you are wondering why this site is here and why we are restoring deleted post its because you don’t get the pleasure to delete a few people and slander and libel the rest of the porn industry with Loser South’s old post. YOU FUCKED UP!

Please Post to Front Page NOW

This site will big bigger and have more traffic AND POST than Mike’s old site ever had and if you believe it or not we really dont care. It will take some time but will happen. Just look at adultfyi.com and pornwikileaks sending us traffic like crazy from the tops of their front pages and all the editors we are gaining posting here. When we find out who you are we are going to come after you and your company VERY HARD whoever you are and it will cost you big time.

You have one choice and only one choice for post to be removed from this site and that is to take down Mike’s old site and redirect the whole website here. When this is done we will pull all old blogs about you that we have restored and turn this website into a anti bulling website directed at exposing bullies in the business like Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers.

You dont get to have your cake and eat it to even if you are Brazzers or Manwin or Mindgeek Or Sean TFPWL or some other big company or whoever.

Yours Truly, Porn Anonymous

What’s next for Monica Foster after judgement was ordered against her?

Now that Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers has been ordered to pay $166,600 in the lawsuit filed against her for libeling and slandering an innocent mother, wife and member of society (Case No. A-14-699072-C), where does she go from here?

We are sure she will continue with the business at hand of libeling and slandering some more people and categorizing all her enemies as white supremacists, nazis and pedophiles but what does this do to the her future which she claims is very bright?

Well for one thing it kills her chances at romance as no intelligent man will take on a woman with such a massive debt load. Do you think a wealthy, intelligent and handsome man wants that burden? He will simply move on to the next girl.

Also, not that she will be applying for a car or home loan anytime in this life but should she get into a pinch and need to find a job – and she may be ordered to owing this much money – employers won’t take the chance on her with such rotten, miserable credit that she will now have.

She can kiss her domain buying hobby goodbye as well as the donations out of spite as she did with Mike South’s campaign because spending any kind of money proves that she can pay her debts.

Her music career? Could be toast as her assets – meaning anything she is using to make music – could be seized.

She just thinks this is all a big joke but she better watch her back because this all may go south for her very quickly.

WARNING Brent Laabs DOB April 14, 1982 is a criminal porn addict pedophile stalker

WARNING Brent Laabs DOB April 14, 1982 is a criminal porn addict pedophile stalker and the boyfriend of HIV positive homosexual Eddie Dzial!!! He also goes by the name Geth N7 or GethN7 and if a child predator just like Edward Bernard Przydzial Read more about Brett here http://candicelynnpotter.com/wiki/Brent_Laabs


Donny Long has called out Harriet Sugarcookie for an on screen threesome with Heather Deep and himself. Will this happen? This might be a tall order. Here’s why:

We would love to see it but she will be as difficult to get as the typical stuck up white woman because she is English speaking with a British accent. That spells trouble. This means she is entitled, spoiled and probably a pain in the ass. Plus the scene would probably have to be for her own site. Would she agree to do it for Heatherdeep.com? Would they do “content trade” and both have the scene?

The other problem is that there is not just sex on her official site. She does have some nude pictorials and scenes but the site has articles about many other subjects. It looks like she is transitioning out of  adult. If this is going to happen it would need to be soon. What would the going rate be to land such a whore? She would not come cheap.

This will be a tall order but we are rooting for it to happen. We want more Asians and the occasional Afro-Caribbean like Vanessa Long. Let’s see what happens.


All whores lie, cheat and steal

Prosecutor: Woman sought to destroy husband, get his money

TERRY SPENCER, Associated Press

Exclusive Leak: An Interview with Edward Przydzial

Originally, Gay Pride had conducted an interview with noted gay porn star Edward Przydzial about his life and works. However, due to his 2013 arrest for cocaine possession, this interview was shelved. We were sent excerpts of this interview by a former writer for the magazine.

Interviewer: Thanks for agreeing to talk with us Eddie, we at Gay Pride Magazine are huge fans of your work.
Eddie: Anything for the fans.
Interviewer: So what have you been up to lately?
Eddie: Well, I just came home from getting my taint waxed and now I’m about to go get my asshole bleached.
Interviewer: I see. Let’s talk some about your work. You’ve done a lot of gay porn. What were some of your favorites?
Eddie: I really enjoyed Straight up the Butt 69, felt great doing it. 3 Dicks in My Face 3D was another one of my favorites. What most people don’t realize is that it was one of the, if not the first, gay porn films filmed in 3D. The audience gets to experience what I felt when filming, the 3 dicks in my face.
Interviewer: How do you feel about performing in straight porn films?
Eddie: I’m glad that more backdoors are opening for gay porn actors to act in straight porn films. It’s our right to do so.
Interviewer: What makes you notable is that you were diagnosed with AIDS and have continued to perform in films. What’s that like?
Eddie: I’m not going to lie: it’s been difficult. But things like porn shouldn’t be closed off to me because I have AIDs. I hope to inspire other people with AIDs to take part in the porn industry.
Interviewer: I understand that you have a long time boyfriend as well?
Eddie: Yes, I have a boyfriend, his name is Ivan Mayers. He’s a Brit and from north London so you know he loves the cock. We’ve been together for a few years now.
Interviewer: We seem to be running out of time. Any last words?
Eddie: Anyone know where to find some nice cock hit me up on Twitter.

War Machine sentenced

LAS VEGAS — The former mixed martial arts fighter known as War Machine was sentenced Monday to 36 years to life in Nevada state prison for beating and assaulting his porn actress ex-girlfriend at her Las Vegas home in 2014.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, 35, offered an apology during his sentencing on 29 felony and misdemeanor charges in the attacks on Christy Mack. He called himself a “very lost, very empty person” who hated his aggressive impulses and “should have killed myself by now.”

Koppenhaver will be 71 before he’s eligible for parole.

Koppenhaver tried to hang himself in jail in January, but that he has turned to religion and wants to become a role model behind bars.


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Just a few hours ago we published an article that basically stated that it was over – no more Monica Foster articles here ever again. She is too pathetic to even make fun of anymore. She was home free and was never going to get mentioned on this site again but she couldn’t leave it alone and mentioned this site to the courts. And now the Monica Foster articles will continue here until the end of time. No more chances. We believe she wants it this way.

The stupid broad posted the above photo of herself for all to see on social media which makes it FAIR USE and so we used it on the site only to have her run to the courts and cry about it. She knows we look at her Twitter and she knows we’re going to use every single photo that she posts in our articles. We knew she liked playing the victim but it now appears that she goes out of her way to get made fun of so she can cry about it later. She knows what the deal is. This is one sick woman. She posts this kind of stuff out in the open on her XXX affiliated accounts not hidden away somewhere. She has no room to complain.

She loves the attention we give her and wants more of it. We are happy to accommodate her.


When Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers gets embarrassed and beaten down in a Las Vegas courtroom once again today (A court date that she will attend by phone while sitting in mommy’s house since she is such a gutless coward that can’t face the music in person), this will end our era of making fun of her and writing articles about her every embarrassing move. Frankly, she is simply to pathetic to continue making fun of and the only thing left to do is to watch her slowly drink herself to death while creating hundreds of Twitter handles, cartoon skits of her foes and dozens of blogs that document her failed XXX career and those that she feel have wronged her.

Mayers, 38, looks beaten down and old, the result of alcohol and drug abuse and just plain lack of positivity in her life. When this whole saga began around 2009 or 2010, she was a young woman in her early 30’s that took aim at the “small dicked middle aged white perverts in their 40’s” in the porn industry. Now that she approaches that age herself and has lost what little looks she had and in turn has lost the power over men that all women lose when they approach middle age, and would be completely destitute if her mother did not take her in, has no career or love life, she doesn’t feel 40 is old anymore and routinely begs men all the way into their 50’s to pay attention to her. Oh, how far she has fallen.

It is believed that she is estranged from her father as he never gets mentioned by her anymore. A retired executive, her father looks happy and fit as he approaches the age of 70. He is probably financially secure as well after an accomplished career. A life well earned. His daughter just refuses to work hard or better herself and would rather blame the government or porn for where she is at in life. It is also believed that she resents her father as she has taken a lot of flak for the fact that he is openly homosexual. She will routinely call people “Fag” from her sock puppet Twitter accounts which suggests she has a great deal of disdain for gay men. Furthermore, the men that she is attracted to are usually feminine gay men that could never be interested in her no matter how low their standards are. Women do not like to be ignored and she gets very little attention from the men that she desires. The only way for her to get male attention is to remove her clothes on web cam and no decent man would go for her after watching her sink so low. Let’s not forget all you have to do is look on the porn tubes for all the free Monica Foster porn you can handle and it will be there until the end of time while she will receive zero royalties. 🙂

After she loses in court today she will have no choice but to shut her hole or face criminal charges. Frankly, we think jail would be something that she would probably enjoy. She hates the embarrassing fact that she lives with mommy and is now giving a Florida Walmart as her home address to cover this fact up. We believe it is better to watch her get older and even more ugly and pathetic on the outside instead of in a jail cell where she would have to do nothing more than sit all day. Jails do not rehabilitate prisoners so this would not change her for the better. She would have access to alcohol and drugs on the outside and can just indulge until it kills her at a relatively young age. A better result for everyone. Her sock puppets are no matter as this just shows she doesn’t have the balls to say this stuff under her main accounts which she has blocked all her foes from reading or responding to. It’s ignore time now folks.

This is the last we will talk about Foster here unless something huge happens like she dies or goes to prison or something of that nature. We won’t update you on the case results but if you visit the Las Vegas 8th District Court web site and punch in the case number which is A-14-699072-C you will be able to read the case details. We prefer to write positive stories about porn from now on which is the most effective way to anger a porn dropout and failure who hides behind religion while threatening to kill and maim her foes or attacking their physical appearances. Giving a piece of shit like Monica Foster attention just is not going to happen and when women get ignored – which is exactly what her ex-boyfriend Matty Holder has done to her while building a new life for himself with a new woman and a family – she gets angrier, drunker and more depressed. And we’re all about driving her to an early grave. Mind you, this is no threat as we have not said we will put our hands on her. Rather, we will let her continue to harm herself. Have at it.



The Bunny Ranch in Mound House, Nevada was damaged this week when some total loser ran a stolen 18 wheel truck into the property during the middle of the night. Some underachieving losers, either religious nuts or potential working girls that were rejected for work at the house, are very happy about the crime that was committed against this business. This just shows that there are people that are such losers in life that they enjoy watching other people’s property and businesses get damaged by their fellow underachieving, bored loser drug addicts/alcoholics.


  • Brian Brandt was arrested and charged with two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon and a felony count of destroying property 
  • Police say Brandt crashed an 18-wheeler truck into The Moonlight Bunny Ranch Brothel in Mound House, Nevada around 4am
  • Owner Dennis Hof said he doesn’t know Brandt and neither do his employees
  • Of the crash Hof said: ‘It woke me up, I got my gun and went out there. It was a terrorist act at the friendliest place on Earth.  It’s brutal’
  • Hof estimates that over $100,000 in damage was done due to the crash 

The infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch Brothel has been destroyed after a man wearing body armor plowed a ‘stolen’ big rig into the brothel as owner Dennis Hof calls it ‘a terrorist act on the friendliest place on Earth’.

The incident happened around 4am Thursday in Mound House, Nevada when police say Brian Brandt plowed the huge truck straight through the Bunny Ranch’s front gate and into the front door.

Police arrested Brandt and charged him with two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a felony count of destroying property and a felony count of possession of property valued at $3500 or more.

His bail is currently set at $95,000 and he is being held at the Yerington Detention Facility.

Surveillance video of the terrifying moment shows the 18-wheeler traveling at full speed at the time of the accident leaving a path of destruction.

Police say Brian Brandt plowed an 18-wheeler truck into The Moonlight BunnyRanch Brothel

Hof told OfficialMikeSouth.com that Brandt was wearing full body armor, a mask and helmet at the time of the incident which he calls ‘brutal.’

‘He stole a truck full of Amazon Prime products and boxes and came to my Bunny ranch and destroyed our building, in full body armor and a mask,’ Hof told OfficialMikeSouth.com.

‘No one knows him, none of the girls said he was a customer.’

The trucking company, Central Transport LLC, said Brandt was a former employee.

The company said a manager found a semi-truck missing early Thursday morning, and that the truck’s number matches the one stolen.

The Director of Community Relations for Central Transport Mickey Blashfield told the Reno Gazette-Journal: ‘He showed up early this morning at the terminal and commandeered a truck.

‘The next thing we heard was a call from the Bunny Ranch about an incident taking place there.

‘So far, it thankfully appears to be only property damage. But, who knows what was happening during that time before he crashed or what his ultimate intentions were.’

Hof said that at the time of the crash, he was inside the Bunny Ranch asleep.

‘It woke me up, I got my gun and went out there. It was a terrorist act at the friendliest place on Earth,’ Hof said while sounding upset and angry.

‘We don’t know why this happened. It’s brutal, absolutely brutal what’s going on.’

Hof said no one was hurt, including the five employees, 30 female prostitutes and 10 customers in the building.

The 70-year-old brothel owner said that some of the girls were ‘having sex when this happened.’

Despite the massive hole in the front of the Ranch, Hof said it will still be open for business and serve free drinks for the inconvenience.

He estimates that over $100,000 in damage was caused at the Bunny Ranch, which opened for business 1955 and was featured on the HBO series Cathouse.

This is not Brandt’s first run-in with the law. He arrested just last week on May 17 and booked into the Washoe County jail on two charges including conspiracy to destroy another’s property and battery.

Ex-NBA player Lamar Odom consumed a mystery cocktail of drinks and drugs before being found unconscious inside a suite at Hof’s Love Ranch Vegas brothel in 2015.

Hof employs more than 500 women across his seven bordellos in Nevada, where prostitution is legal in the state.