CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."


STICKY POST! For the owner of the old Mike South website

This is a sticky post that will stay at the top so look for new post under this one! Ok if you are wondering why this site is here and why we are restoring deleted post its because you don’t get the pleasure to delete a few people and slander and libel the rest of the porn industry with Loser South’s old post. YOU FUCKED UP!

Please Post to Front Page NOW

This site will big bigger and have more traffic AND POST than Mike’s old site ever had and if you believe it or not we really dont care. It will take some time but will happen. Just look at adultfyi.com and pornwikileaks sending us traffic like crazy from the tops of their front pages and all the editors we are gaining posting here. When we find out who you are we are going to come after you and your company VERY HARD whoever you are and it will cost you big time.

You have one choice and only one choice for post to be removed from this site and that is to take down Mike’s old site and redirect the whole website here. When this is done we will pull all old blogs about you that we have restored and turn this website into a anti bulling website directed at exposing bullies in the business like Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers.

You dont get to have your cake and eat it to even if you are Brazzers or Manwin or Mindgeek Or Sean TFPWL or some other big company or whoever.

Yours Truly, Porn Anonymous

GFY.com full of faggots and gay mafia liberals

This gem of a post was seen on GFY.com today. Typical fag shit posted by mangina gay mafia liberals.

What should I do about my hair?

I am blessed with a pretty good head of hair and although I am 40+ there is virtually no receding and just a few greys.
The problem is I am a busy guy and also poor. I can’t afford salon prices so when I find time I get someone to cut my hair for me. This is free and it looks good but time is a problem.
My hair is very thick and wavy so when it gets long it gets uncontrollable. I like to feel good with my hair.
So, my hair is now getting long and afro. I can’t get it cut for free for a few weeks and I tried to do it myself but made a mess of it.
What do you suggest.

I tried caps but they are OK but my employer won’t allow me to wear them indoors.


XXXCAMJOBS GONE from Twitter, looks like Monica Foster put in another Saturday night reporting session

Another wild and crazy weekend for Monica Foster. When she wasn’t stalking porn gossip blogger Sean Tompkins, she was reporting XXXCAMJOBS Twitter and now that account is suspended, probably permanently by the homos at Twitter in San Francisco.

Since she will likely lose her web sites and social media profiles on March 7, Ms. Foster will need to create new alt accounts to report, stalk and harass her adversaries. While Donny Long partied at the club last night, Foster had a reporting party of her own with a pity party on the side and reported tweets and is now just living it up on her Sunday afternoon jumping for joy that she had yet another account suspended. This does nothing. None of these accounts have bought followers as she has and they are pretty much throw away accounts anyway. Can she get back the time she threw away in her reporting session? Get a life, grandma.

Monica Foster tweeting binge stretches into it’s third day, no sign of stopping!

Monica Foster‘s stalking of professional troll and gossip blogger Sean Tompkins continued over the weekend as she spent the day tweeting pictures of his ex-wives and re-posting her recent Tompkins themed YouTube videos which makes one wonder what happened between the two to get to this point. We don’t know but we have a few ideas.

As the marathon ranting session stretched into its 3rd day, Ms. Foster mumbled something about “trolls” and made threats of physical violence. It is obvious that as her March 7 court date draws near, her stress levels rise. The thought of losing her online presence – her only lifeline to the outside world – scares the hell out of her and it should.

We don’t know what caused this rant but could Ms. Foster have offered to exchange sex if Tompkins talked his attorney buddy Ronald D. Green about taking it easy on her on March 9? Women hate to be rejected and her ego would take a huge hit if she was rejected by a bald, 50 year old unemployable blogger that she wouldn’t give the time of day just a few years ago. Especially a guy like Tompkins who has jungle fever and has been with countless black women, impregnating and marrying some of them. Another possibility – Foster already fucked Tompkins and then turned his back on her. We will keep everyone posted as the rants develop.

80 year old homosexual washed up actor George Takei owned on Twitter

So this butt hurt 80 year old demented homo George Takei started a poll on Twitter about Donald Trump vs fake news and when he lost, he used the oldest, most overused cliche in the book and claimed that those voting against fake news were virgins living in the basement. He then shut down the poll and blocked people.

Take your ball and go home, fruit loop.

Fat punk ass loser Sean Matthew Tompkins is scared of the truth

Bet he won’t say those lies to his victims faces. He would be dead by now.

Tompkins is sarcastic, mean, unforgiving and never misses an opportunity to make a cutting remark. Tompkins repulsive personality quickly alienates other Warriors, and after some initial skirmishing he is usually ostracized. Still, Tompkins is very happy to participate in electronic forums because in cyberspace he is free to be himself…without the risk of getting a real-time punch in the mouth


Get into shape now. Go to https://vimeo.com/motionmuscle


Manwin Mindgeek Brazzers removes post about dangerous gay performer Christianx working in straight porn

Not sure how many of you saw it but yesterday Mikesouth’s site had a post about something like blast from the past and it was about dangerous gay performer Christianx working in straight porn and the risk he poses due to the gay industry not testing performers while the straight industry does testing. Well today POOF its gone, DISAPPEARED! Did Crissy threaten them with a lawsuit? Where did it go? If anyone knows please post in the comments below.

Bullshit restraining orders

Kiwifarms owner Joshua Conner Moon gets GAY ASSHOLE POUNDED

This should have been posted sooner but I just ran across it at the top of pornwikileaks.com seems those guys at Josh’s moms website are pounding the shit out of this loser faggot! Take a look at http://www.candicelynnpotter.com


Kiwifarms owner Joshua Conner Moon gets outed and runs for the hills BUT

Kiwifarms owner Joshua Conner Moon gets outed and runs for the hills taking down the site and putting up this message!


Then Gene Ross from Adultfyi.com emails Josh demanding the database or war will start with Josh and his family and everyone around him!

Josh’s mother Candice Lynn Potter is contacted and her job and she is fired from Keller Williams Realty and then she gets a .com. logo

http://www.candicelynnpotter.com is born and Josh puts Kiwifarms back online and the war begins! Shit is flying everywhere on forums all over the net! Josh and his mom are in hiding and things are about to get worse for them and the rest of the family.

Get your popcorn ready and grab a comfortable chair guys!

urlJoshua Conner Moon and Candice Lynn Potter


Donny Long turns 37 years old

Donny Long, born 2-15-1980 turned 37 years old today. We here at OMS.com wish “The Porn God” a happy 37th.