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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."


MikeSouth.com Now Safe For Work

Hopefully this will bring more incoming links from mainstream.

Also I was notified that the donation link was broken…seems Paypal changed the rules for donations and I didn’t fit the new rules. I will be adding a link in the next day or two allowing for donations via Netbilling. Anyone wanting to use paypal […]

Shawna Lenee and Brandon Iron Added As Authors and Some Changes Coming.

First of all I want to welcome two new authors to MikeSouth.com!

The first is Shawna Lenee, Shawna is a an A List performer in anyones book, a former Penthouse Pet and Covergirl, she has retired from shooting porn in L.A. and taken to doing it all herself.  She told me that she […]

It Ain’t the Cover Of The Rolling Stone But…

This is one I have been looking forward to, I knew my part in it wasn’t big but I am from the generation where Rolling Stone was a validation of the pinnacle of success.

Katie, the author wanted my take on prop 60, and I gave it to her, and I am glad I […]

New Here? Read This

First of all a big welcome to those of you coming from Rolling Stone.com, The Wall Street Journal and other mainstream media outlets. At first this site may seem a bit esoteric but I encourage you to scroll down and look for and read posts that are of interest to you. There is a […]

Sam38G Writes A Really Good Primer For Those Wanting To Do It Themselves.

Thank You Sam38G The list of resources for selling your own vids is outstanding, I was considering adding this and you did the perfect job. This is good advice here!

Mike since you are a newbie at this part of the industry. I will submit this blog for you.

Clips4sale requires 10 original videos […]

Jessica Drake and Donald Trump

My friend Tim told me last night that all of mainstream media was waiting on me to comment on this, I laughed.

I don’t have any issues with Jessica but I do have some overall issues with her claims. the first being the money. To my knowledge that isn’t Trump’s M.O. Out of all […]

How Did We Come To This?

I watched the debates last night, and I guess I shouldn’t have, my blood pressure shot through the roof, but not likely for why you might think.

You all know my feelings about these two criminals we have for candidates but when Hillary refereed to this country as a “Democracy” on several occasions, I […]

Marketing Your Store

As Raw Alex pointed out in the comments the one thing that clips4sale and manyvids and others don’t do for you is marketing. Not saying that they don’t market, Clips4sale in particular spends a lot of money on marketing, advertising on Howard Stern even, but they are marketing for clips4sale, not for you specifically. Yes […]

In Summation and The Mike South Effect

Brandon irons wrote me thanking me for allowing him to have a voice here, I wrote him back and said no it was I who should thank him. He sent me the following sales graph illustrating what he called The Mike South Effect, this coincided with a DVD royalty check he got for 51 dollars […]

Sam38G Shares her Experience

This is why y’all should be reading comments as well as the articles, this one is a comment but its perfect for the topic and needs to be read. -Mike South

I’ve dealt with some LA people on this topic several years ago. They just don’t get it. They want to put up the […]