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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."


Another Thank You This One to M3Server

In the many years that I have had this blog I have had many hosting companies including all the big adult hosting companies, M3Server stands out for several reasons.

First they have pricing that is as good as anyone and better than most, whether you need a dedicated server or a virtual server, managed […]

A Photo Trip Down Memory Lane

There’ son particular order or anything just some photos I randomly selected from years of shows including AVN, Internext, Tampa, VSDA, ECVS and others they brought back mamories for me. The photos link to the larger image

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A Few People I Want To Express Some Gratitude To That I Haven’t in the Past

One guy that stands out is attorney James Felton. I have been lucky to have the support of several industry attorneys but in the past Mr. Felton has elected to stay low key, he gave me permission to use him in this post.

It started when he needed some assistance with a particular case, […]

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Ten or twelve years ago by any account we had a hugely successful business. Porn survived recessions and economic bumps, bull markets, bear markets and assaults by the federal government, so how is it that today we are a shell of our former selves?

One thing I have looked at to answer this question […]

Just Trying to Get This In Before the Rush….

I’ll be brief here. I just want to say how much I’ll miss this venue, and all of the great people who have commented here over the years, those from inside and outside the industry. I’ll miss reading my buddy Mike South’s garbled phrases and tortured syntax on a regular basis (not that I won’t […]

Is There An HIV Positive Male Performer Working

One of the things I have been chasing for two weeks is a rumor that there is an HIV positive male performer working in the biz. He is passing the Industry test because his viral load is undetectably low.

This is mostly coming from female performers spreading the word via social media. I have […]

Thanks Everyone

Thank’s to you all for the birthday wishes…I finally found something that Facebook is good for, I seriously got HUNDREDS of birthday wishes.

In my benevolent mood I even reconsidered some of the other people whose posts were sourced by Shy Love, particularly Mark Schechter and I redacted or deleted some of them. One […]

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Thank you for having allowed everybody to express their so many different and diverse views, in all these years. Thank you for your forthrightness, for your honesty and for your kindness. I don’t intend to experience the feeling of missing you, hence you’ll still find me in your mailbox on a regular basis, I guess, […]

The End Is Nigh

First I want to wish you all a happy yuletide season, whatever it is you celebrate, I hope you spend it with family and friends and I hope it is healthy, happy and that the new year is prosperous.

As many of you have figured out Dec. 31st is the last post by me […]

Nikki Benz, MindGeek and The FSC

I took the day off yesterday but I did get a lot of emails about the Nikki Benz thing. I’m sure you are all aware of it by now but to make a long story short she was assaulted on a Brazzers set by Director Tony T (who incidentally owns a stake in cutting […]