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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."


Uncle Peg, Kahn Tusion, Donny Long, and Rob Black Where are they Now?

Oh I keep up with them, take Uncle Peg…he sure fell off the radar he even abandoned his twitter account which is now mostly auto posting of previous posts or clearly someone else. If you look him up on the court sites where he makes regular appearances he is listed as “enforcement” meaning the sheriffs […]

What Condition My Condition Is In

I am recovering….slowly. Since fathers day up until day before yesterday it seems my life was in black and white, things are fuzzy, I have only scattered memories and many of the memories I have don’t seem real. Day before yesterday when I woke up it felt like my life was back in color, so […]

Mark Speigler In The Hospital

Just got word that Mark Speigler, gay Jew child rapist, is in the hospital undergoing some pretty serious surgery.

He blew a disk in his back and had to have it removed. He is out of surgery and walking around on a walker, He has some physical therapy ahead but all in all he should […]

All negative post about Fabian Thylmann were also removed from old MS

But guess what Fabian Thylmann owner of mingeek aka manwin aka Brazzers? They are being restored here as we speak! Whoever it is holding this faggots Mike South’s domain we now have by the balls and the only way all these post will be removed from this site is if they forward the domain here […]

Does Mark Spiegler own Mike South’s old site?

I just got word that it could be so and after thinking about it if Mark was the one who got his hands on the site it would make sense as to why everything has been removed about Mark Spiegler the gay jew child rapist and his paid troll Sean Matthew Tompkins but when you […]

Every post about Manwin and Mindgeek GONE from MS

Funny if you search Mindgeek or Manwin on the Mike South old site no results! Dont worry we are restoring all the post and putting them here. We know they hated South and were trying to get involved in the lawsuit against him and know they support gay mafia fags like Sean and fags they […]

WELL WELL WELL Lookie what happened here!

Well the person suing Mike South claims he didn’t buy the website and he has no idea who owns the site now. This same person is the one who bought LIB and gave it to Sean Matthew Tompkins of the fake porn wiki leaks. Well today I was looking around and noticed that all post […]

Whois Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother?

Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother was a failed at everything in porn fanboi stalker that was bitter and stalked the adult industry for many years on his blog till finally a lawsuit was filed against him and he was forced to sell the domain and site. Yup he failed at even blogging after failing […]

I love the new site

Testing the new home page user submit with no moderation to see if it working! Also great job guys, I love the site :]

This New Mikesouth.com site Officialmikesouth.com will be a open posting site soon

This New Mikesouth.com site Officialmikesouth.com will be a open posting site soon with no moderation unlike adultfyi.com. Since someone is playing games with mikesouth.com and is making us spend time creating this site we will now not only fully restore mikesouth.com full site here but also open this one for user submit and no moderation […]