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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."



There are several reasons that Alexandra Mayers/Monica Foster is 38 and single with no prospects to ever find a man, get married, have children or live a better life. And we will be covering these in this article.

For openers, her list of requirements is too long. She has put out several unrealistic lists […]


Monica Foster is ranting again. Once again she is going off on Matthew Paul Holder, porn cinematographer that fucked her one night 10 years ago and forgot about her – not hard to do since she is a lousy lay. She can’t stop obsessing over him though and today she went on one of her […]

Early news reports about how fags started HIV epidemic




Another busy day for Monica Foster

How does this woman do it? Accomplishing so much every day, getting so much done and getting up and doing it all over again the next day. Waking up at noon, hanging around the house eating the food her mother bought, never going outdoors and then libeling people on Twitter until the wee hours, sometimes […]

Nutjob Monica Foster takes aim at Sean Tompkins’ wife

Monica Foster truly has no life at all and nothing to do throughout the day except to take aim at people and try to ruin them. All of her efforts have failed and she has been the only one ruined over the years with several of her sites recently coming down, her owing crippling amounts […]

Monica Foster Go Fund Me? How about GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Now here is a site we can relate to. Over the years we have seen Monica Foster start numerous bogus crowd funding campaigns, each one a bigger failure than the last. Her latest asked for one million dollars so that she could continue her reign of hate and terror instead of getting off her fat […]

Tim Von Swine

There’s been too much negativity on this blog lately so in an effort to lighten this place up we give you a profile from a guy that we can all get behind. Lovable loser Tim Von Swine. We recommend you take a few minutes to enjoy his Twitter feed.

Tweets by TVonSwine


The trannyfucker thanks you

Christian Michael Wians or The Trannyfucker wrote a nice little thank you letter on his dying blog this week to all his past visitors and supporters. As a gesture of kindness he gave discount codes to all his pay sites. So basically, as a show of thanks to all his fans, he wants YOU to […]

Pattaya Thailand bar girl Heather Deep on phone with dumb American motherfucker sending money for sick buffalo

When will these white knight simps learn? You send money to girls halfway around the world that you never met and she turns around and hands it over to God Long, who fucks her brains out while she’s on the phone with you. This happens all the time with guys from Europe, America and girls […]


Christian Michael Wians, The Trannyfucker gets thrown softballs by these hack radio hosts while talking about porn and girls when he really fucks men with fake tits exclusively now.

Feel free to watch the entire boring hour+ long video but I just couldn’t get through it. One segment shows this arrogant motherfucker speaking down […]