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CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."


Things To watch In Porn in 2016

I would call this prognostication but that would be dishonest, you see I have some inside knowledge, just enough to be dangerous at this point but I expect I will gain more and more.

I told you a while back about the shakeout at AVN and that something is also up with Xbiz, these things […]

MetArt Bends Over For MindGeek

I told you this would settle quietly out of court…Met Art dropped the lawsuit against Manwin/MindGeek.

There was NO WAY this was going to go forward because MindGeek isnt about to open up their books to that kind of scrutiny. If you are being ripped off by MindGeek I suggest filing a big lawsuit, they […]

Fabian Wants Someone Sleazier Than He Is To Make Him Look Better, So He Picked Diane Duke

We all know that Fabian bought The Free Speech Coalition so when this came across my email I kinda wondered who pimping whom.

Today (May 7th) Diane Duke will be debating at The Oxford Union, a self proclaimed “prestigious debating society” who else will be on Diane’s “team”? None other than Fabian Thylmann. Now



Fabian Thylmann Indicted For Tax Evasion Charges in Cologne

From Sundays Die Welt Below is the google translation Bottom line is that Fabian has now been indicted which should mean he will soon have a trial date.

A lot of this focuses on a site called my dirty hobby which according to the German Prosecutors is run out of Hamburg and according to MindGeek […]

AdultVerifiedVideoChat.com Steer Clear…WAY Clear

I got a tip about this outfit so I started doing some background and boy did I turn up a lot of scum….all under this rock

The owner is either a registered sex offender or his room mate is.

For Starters its owned by none other than scumbag Greg Dodson Here’s the contact info for […]

Uncle Peg Gets His Fourth Domestic Violence Charge for 2014

Ya know you’d think this scumbag would learn that it’s not OK to beat your wife/girlfriend, Once again Uncle Peg aka Michael Whiteacre, real name Ari Scott Bass got arrested in Las Vegas for domestic violence. Im sure Karen Tynan and Diane Duke and and Ernest Greene, Mark Speigler and Dakota Skye and his other […]

Manwin Colludes With ICM Registry Fabian Says FSC “Has No Real Value For Its Members”

INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION In the Matter of the Independent Review Process: Manwin Licensing International S.A.R.L., Claimant, v. Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”), Respondent. CASE MANAGER: Carolina Cardenas ICDR Case No. 50 117 T 00812 11 WITNESS STATEMENT OF GREGORY DUMAS IN SUPPORT OF ICANN’S RESPONSE TO MANWIN LICENSING INTERNATIONAL […]

Wanna License 3500 XRCO Photos Get Em While Ya Can…

EMMREPORT and EMMNETWORK Present 3500 Photo Essay of the 2014 XRCO Awards!

Outlets join forces to provide extensive coverage of star studded event.

For Immediate Release: April 23rd, 2014

(Hollywood, CA) EMMREPORT.com and EMMNETWORK.net have joined forces to present a special six part 3500 photo essay on the 30th Annual X-Rated Critics Organization


Closing The Book On Fabian Thylmann

I am hearing that the case against Fabian in Germany has been settled and he paid a “high seven figure sum” to make it go away. It’s been hard to verify but I did see it reported in a German newspaper.

other than that porn has been VERY quiet lately. I am hearing that OSHA


Manwin Moving Tubes To Hong Kong

Redtube is owned by a company called Bright Imperial Limited of Hong Kong. Manwin is about to move all of their tubes under this umbrella in Hong Kong. they are much more protected there because so long as the content isn’t available in HK they aren’t breaking the law and the tax implications are nil […]