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Email threats from: Gay child rapist Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Prydzial

Gay child rapist Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Prydzial proves again that all fags and whore do is lie lie lie lie and make empty threats.

This is a old email I got from Eddie last year that I just found and since then Donny Long has not only came to the USA but clowned the whole gay mafia taking live video all over Miami Beach and Ft Lauderdale [Monica Fosters home town] proving all these cowardly scumbag AIDS ridden gay mafia trash can do are hide behind their computers making empty threats that they dont have any balls to follow through with. Remember when he sent this him and the rest of the gay mafia scumbags were claiming Donny had AIDS and was wanted in he USA and would be arrested at the airport and jailed and sued and bla bla bla bla bla but Donny took a live video HIV test and came to the usa and on and on proving all fags and whores do is LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE.

Remember Alexandra Mayers was going to murder Donny and his family and now Donny made her hide and look a fool? Well here is Edward claiming the same but Donny has challenged Edward to prove he was even in the USA and come face him and Edward refuses to do anything now but hide hahahahahahah. Here is the email below from Edward.

“anytime you’re ready to stop let me know. just a word of advice i will pursue you donny. all the way to the last day, last breath and last glimmer of hope or light. you got 2 kids… you are asking for what i have planned for you. i will be able to find you donny through them… see mom’s got lots of friends in law enforcement so sooner or later they have to register for school and doctor visits… you know general ways to find you. i know info you don’t think i know. your ex wife gave me her name and some other info… so donny as soon as you delete me from pornwikileaks would be good for you. i am warning you we are going to be face to face, eye to eye and when that happens there will be hospital and jail cells involved as well as cops and courts i suspect but we are going to be mono e mono donny… all cops, courts and lawyers set aside i am asking you to delete me from pornwikileaks and i mean allĀ of it… wiki and all posts. all of it from your fake mike south and adultfyi too… well this e-mail is going to serve as a message that what i plan to do from here on out is on your head because you won’t be getting away with any of this… think about your kids, your wife, family all that crap because when you have family you will have to settle for one place donny. when that time comes i will find you. trust me. you have been warned.”

hahahahahaha Edward you are a little dick faggot with AIDS keyboard warior coward that wont ever do a fucking thing but hide like you been doing from your wife and kid and her new husband. Keep hiding on the other side of the world in Athens Greece behind your keyboard where you are safe pussy ass faggot. thanks for the laugh and proving AGAIn all you fags can do is LIE LIE LIE and kick yourselves. #godlongalwayswins

Edward Przydzial

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