CNBC Says "Mike South - South is the Nikki Finke of the porn industry. His blog, which is never short on opinion, is a must-read among industry insiders. His style is unique, but he is also a leading agent of change within the industry. There are few fence-sitters when it comes to opinions about South, but no one ignores him."


Monica Foster manifesto! Failed porn hooker commits Valentine’s Day massacre, names names of CHILDREN and threatens to harm them in SHOCKING and angry drug and alcohol fueled rant!

In a SHOCKING series of angry tweets, Monica Foster real name Alexandra Mayers committed a huge no-no and named names of children that are involved with porn professionals and gossip bloggers. This is a creature that pretends to care about the well being of children but this proves that this is not the case. This […]

The Elliot Roger Files, a brand new series here on OMS.com

In this new series, we will be periodically sharing videos of the legendary Elliot Roger from his YouTube page, which is still gaining followers and subscribers and getting comments years after his death. Compare this to Monica Foster who can’t get a single person to watch her web casts. Maybe she should off herself in […]

Officialmikesouth.com exclusive! Alexandra Mayers new single, “Lately!”

We are very proud here at Officialmikesouth.com to be bringing you the new single from Alexandra Mayers/Monica Foster, “Lately!” You will not see this posted anywhere else as we have exclusive rights to Ms. Mayers music!


Officialmikesouth.com staffers traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada and recorded Ms. Mayers in the bathroom of a room at […]

Suspected pedophile Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers takes aim at Donny Long daughter

So here is a woman that pretends to have children’s best interests in mind while:

Supporting pedophile Michael Jackson Supporting sex pervert and potential predator of young women Bill Clinton and his wife Being estranged from her nephew who she has not seen in better than 5 years

Now, this woman has taken aim at […]

Monica Foster now jealous of a SIXTY-THREE year old woman!

We have to say, Christy Brinkley looks fantastic. Always has and probably always will. This doesn’t sit right with homely, dumpy looking geek Monica Foster because she could never in her wildest dreams look like this at any age. The daughters aren’t half bad either.

It must really burn her ass that at 25 […]

Sean Tompkins to Monica Foster: “YOU BLEW IT, BABY!”

Once upon a time in 2011 when he first burst onto the scene as a small time internet forum troll, Sean Tompkins, then going by the name DocsFreakyFlixxx, tried to play save a ho to Monica Foster, hoping that she could be another in his long line of baby mamas. He reprimanded Porn Wiki Leaks […]

Marc Randazza OWNS racist black supremacist @ElieNYC while Monica Foster waves the pom poms

Racist failure Monica Foster #Notmypornstar has been reduced to standing on the sidelines, eating fried chicken and waving the pom poms while Marc Randazza destroys fat black supremacists like this clown Elie Mystal, who, oh by the way, is so hateful that he actually roots for NFL players to get injured. Scum like this are […]

Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers #Notmypornstar Celebrates Super Bowl Sunday…ALONE!

It was chicken, watermelon, malt liquor and 2 of her closest friends (Joining her remotely via web stream and one of the viewers was us) for Super Bowl Sunday from her former hometown of Houston, Texas. Basically one more wild and crazy party for Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster #Notmypornstar.

This is quite […]

Monica Foster is #Notmypornstar

Monica Foster is unattractive, aging, racist, has a terrible attitude and is bad in bed. Therefore, she is #Notmypornstar and we will be using this hashtag when posting about her.

BREAKING: Monica Foster to get back in the dating game! Here’s your chance boys!

The news is good for any middle aged men that are looking to score a porn star wife on the cheap. Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers has announced that she will get back in the dating game in 2017 and her standards have been dramatically lowered. All men between 39-50 that are interested in taking on a […]